University of Essex

About this service

As part of your University IT account provided by IT Services, you get 10 MB of web space, also known as privatewww, which you can use to publish personal webpages to the internet.

Access your web space

On staff computers:

If you're using a staff computer, you can either:

  • Map the folder path \\privatewww\myweb to a drive letter.
  • Use SharePoint Designer to open your site: click File > Open Site > in the Site Name box enter \\privatewww\myweb > Open.
  • In IT labs

    If you're using a computer in an IT Services lab, pod or study area, you can access your web space by going to the W:\ Drive.

    Your website's URL

    Pages can be viewed by anyone using the web address: (where username is the user's Essex login name).

    Acceptable use

    Owners of private web pages must follow the Guidelines for the use of IT Facilities.

    The University does not exercise editorial control over the private pages on this server, but will act on any breach of the guidelines which comes to its attention.

    As a general guideline, don't place any of the following on your personal website:

  • copyrighted material, for example documents, software downloads, images, videos, audio files,etc.
  • any material that other people may find offensive
  • material relating to the creation of viruses or hacking of systems
  • official University logos or crests