Annie Louis

Lecturer (~US Assistant Professor)
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
University of Essex

I am part of the Language and Computation group and the EPSRC Center for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence at the University of Essex.

I develop natural language processing and machine learning techniques to both understand how people use language, and build language-related technology. In particular, I create models which infer how documents and conversations are structured and the impressions they make on the readers and listeners. I am pursuing how this technology can be used to automatically assess the quality of documents, to summarize and generate text, and improve search of social media content.

I am also interested in natural language processing applied to the development of computer games. My research aims to improve game experiences through computational modeling of narratives, procedural generation of text content in games, and models of linguistic creativity and quality for game scenarios.

Previously, I was a Research Associate (2015) and a Newton International Fellow (2013 to 2015) at the University of Edinburgh. Right before moving to Edinburgh, I graduated with a PhD and Masters from the University of Pennsylvania. I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from College of Engineering-Guindy, Anna University located at Chennai, India.

I was born in Trichy, a beautiful temple city in South India.

Recent work


  • I am co-organizing a EMNLP 2016 workshop on "Uphill Battles in NLP". See our workshop website here.

  • I am an Area Chair for NAACL 2016, Area Co-Chair for ACL 2016, Area Co-Chair for *SEM 2016, Workshop Co-Chair for EMNLP 2016.


    aplouis at essex dot ac dot uk

    School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
    University of Essex
    Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, UK
    Phone: +44 1206 874414