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Optoelectronic Devices Research Group


The group has a long history of design, simulation and characterisation of a wide range of active and passive semiconductor photonic devices. We see theory and experiment as equally important, developing accessible models to describe the dominant physical processes that determine device performance. Experimental results are fed back to verify and improve the models. Our current research focuses on two topics:


Laser Dynamics

Nonlinear dynamics occur when a laser is subject to optical feedback or optical injection from another laser, or when two or more lasers are mutually coupled. Applications include optical oscillators, chaotic sources for secure communications, optical switches and photonic integrated circuits for high capacity communications.




spin-VCSEL            Spin Optoelectronics

Spin-lasers offer the exciting prospect of output polarisation control through the injection of spin-polarised electrons. This has enabled new potential applications in optical signal processing, optical switching and optical interconnects, and in new areas including quantum information processing.