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These pages provide an overview of the semiconductor device research and teaching nanofabrication facilities

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Physics Stack Exchange


SiTEST European Distributors to the Semiconductor and Microelectronic Industry

JD Photo-Tools Ltd

Wirebond Testing & X-ray Imaging

Carl's Britney Spears Site

Splung Physics Help Website

David's LeatherCraft Site


Optical, Photonic, Optoelectronic, Lighting...10000 links to technical resources, forums and a buyer's guide 

UK Specialists in High Vacuum Systems & Equipment, Freeze Dryers & Vacuum Freeze Drying, Leak Detection & Leak Testing Equipment & Systems

Nanofab Equipment Suppliers
Air Filters
Jasun Filtration
Surface profiling
KLA Tencor

RC 2400 Alloying Furnace

Bio-Rad Semiconductor Measurement Systems


Fujifilm Semiconductor Materials


Cleanroom Apparel


Vacuum Coating Equipment
Deionised water supply
USF Elga
Kulicke & Soffa
Mask Aligner System
Karl Suss
Zero Grade Nitrogen
BOC Special Gases

Introduction to Semiconductors
Bart J. Van Zeghbroeck, 1996, 1997

Physical Properties of Semiconductors

Optics, photonics, optoelectronics, lighting...

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