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Welcome to the Website of the British Combinatorial Bulletin.

The British Combinatorial Bulletin is produced under the auspices of the British Combinatorial Committee (BCC) and funded by them.

As many of you will be aware, the BCC has recently acquired a new webiste and the intention is that the Bulletin, archive of Bulletins and other information here will in due course move to these new pages. If and when this happens, this site will continue to be maintained for a while to provide continuity and a link will be provided to the new site, which is

The Bulletin provides details of activities in combinatorial mathematics taking place in Britain in the previous year. The most recent Bulletin appears below in pdf format, and can be downloaded by anyone interested. Previous Bulletins are also available, and hard copies are kept in the Committee's archive and may be obtained from the Editor ( If you wish to become a representative for an institution which does not currently have one, please contact the editor. You may also download British Combinatorial Newsletters from here.

The Bulletin Editor also runs a mailing list, to be used only for advertising conferences, workshops, meetings and research-student or above level courses to the British combinatorial community. If you wish to join this list, please email the Editor (see above) and if,  as will normally be the case, the Editor is satisfied as to an applicant's status, they will be added. Any person may also withdraw from the list at any time by emailing the Editor.

The British Combinatorial Committee is a charity registered in Scotland, No: SC019723.

2016 British Combinatorial Bulletin

The April 2016 Bulletin appears here in pdf format. You can view or retrieve it either as a single file,
or (if your computer finds large files cumbersome) in four parts: front matter, List A, List B, List C. Please note that these versions of Lists A, B and C are not updated in September each year: the ones which are updated in September are below.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties with this arrangement. Note that the single file is the definitive version.

Note: following a number of requests and one complaint, we have removed email addresses from all archived copies of List A available from this website.

For earlier Bulletins, click here.


Maintained Lists A and B (i.e. versions updated in both  September and April each year.)

List A: a list of combinatorial mathematicians active in UK institutions.

List B: a list of institutions where combinatorial research is being carried out

These are the most recent versions of the lists, which are normally updates in April and September each year. (Last update September 2016). What appears in the Bulletin each year is the snapshot of the lists in April. Note that List C is not updated in Autumn each year.

We hope to keep the lists as accurate and up to date as possible: if you see errors or omissions in the lists, please email them to the Editor (email details as above). Similarly if you or your institution wish to be added to the Bulletin, please email the Editor.

British Combinatorial Newsletter

The British combinatorial newsletter is produced twice annually in the autumn and spring and are available here. The most recent newsletter was in September 2016.      


The British Combinatorial Committee organises the biennial British Combinatorial Conference. The nexts conference (the 26th) will be organiased by the University of Strathclyde from 3-7 July 2017, with Sergey Kitaev as Local Organiser and wth involvement from the University of Glasgow as well. Further details will be announced on the website in due course:

The invited speakers are Rosemary Bailey (St. Andrews and QMUL), Julia Böttcher (LSE), Bill Chen (Nankai), Antonio Cossidente (Basilicata), Daniel Horsley (Monash), Vit Jelinek (Charles), Rob Morris (IMPA, Brazil) , Benny Sudakov (ETH Zürich) and Julia Wolf (Bristol).  

 For the archive of past BCCs see  

Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference: This took place at QMUL in 2015, hosted by Katie Clinch and Trevor Pinto. The next conference is being organised by Anja Komatar (Leeds) and  further details will be announced in due course.

Other regular meetings in Combinatorics, supported by the Committee, are held at:

Reading: Th most recent "Old Codgers' Meeting" at Reading  took place on Wednesday 2 November 2016.    It is hoped there will be a similar meeting in due course.

Open University: The most recent OU meeting took place on 20 January 2016. The webpage  as usual contains the history and will hopefully conttain details of the next meeting in due course.  However owing to the two meetings at Royal Holloway and Durham in January 2017, there will not be an OU meeting in January 2017.

Scottish Combinatorics meeting: This will take place on Monday 24 April and Tuesdaqy 25 April 2017 at St. Andrews .  Details in due course, the organisers are Sophie Huczynska and Nik Ruškuc.

London: The next two linked colloquia at QMUL and LSE are on Wednesday 10 May and Thursday 11 May 2017. Further details will be availlable on  in due course.

Oxford: The most recent meeting was on 1 June 2016 and the programmes is available at   and we hope there will be a similar meeting next year.


Some other forthcoming events of interest include the following:


Some other events which have attracted support from the committee in the last few years include:

a Workshop on Extremal Combinatorics in Birmingham from 15-16 September 2008 organised by Demetres Christofides, Nikolaos Fountoulakis, Daniela Kühn and Deryk Osthus:

a meeting on Algebra, Combinatorics and Dynamics in Belfast from 17-21 August 2009, organised by Natalia Iyudu

the DIMAP Workshop on Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics in Petersfield, Hants from 18-25 July 2010, organised by Jan Hladký and Diana Piguet:

the Franco-British workshop on Analytic Combinatorics at Oxford from 5-7 September 2012 organised by  Julien David (Paris 13), Jéremie Lumbroso (Paris 6) and Kerstin Weller (Oxford).

the workshop on Geometric and Topological Graph Theory at Bristol from 15-19 April 2013, website

the meeting "Combinatorics, Algebra and More" at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in celebration of Peter Cameron's contributions to mathematics,  website

the 5th SIGMAP (Symmetries In Graphs, Maps And Polytopes) Workshop at West Malvern, UK, 7-11 July 2014 - see  

the Donald Preece Memorial Day. This took place at  QMUL on 17 September 2015.  The website is

the IMA workshop on Theoretical and Computational Discrete Mathematics which took place at Derby from 22-23 March 2016.


Combinatorial Links

This set of links is under development: we hope to add some more before too long.


1. British Combinatorial Committee related links.

British Combinatorial Conmittee Homepage 

Past British Combinatorial Conferences 

British Combinatorial Conference Problem Lists, for BCCs 12-18

British Combinatorial Conference Problem Lists, for BCC 19

British Combinatorial Conference Problem Lists, for BCC 22

2. Forthcoming  conferences.

BCC list of forthcoming combinatorial conferences

Doug West’s list of forthcoming combinatorial conferences

Jan van den Heuvel's list of forthcoming combinatorial conferences

3. Information on combinatorics in general.

World Combinatorics Exchange (also Electronic Journal of Combinatorics):
Includes “Dynamic Surveys” and links to combinatorial databases (e.g. those of McKay and Royle).

Graph Theory White Pages by Daniel Sanders:: 
Includes various links.


4. Preprints

The Maths ArXiV through (e.g.) :
Especially of course.....


5. Reviews of Mathematical Papers.

American Mathematical Society:
Includes access to MathReviews (subscription requires) and to MR Lookup.

Gives access to Zentralblatt reviews.


6. Some General (Purish) Mathematical Links

London Mathematical Society

Isaac Newton Institute

European Mathematical Society  

American Mathematical Society  

Edinburgh Mathematical Society

Societé Mathematique de France

Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung

Australian Mathematical Society


7. Some UK Combinatorial Seminars 

This is a list of webpages for Combinatorics Seminar series at various places in the UK. We only list seminars which are predominantly or exclusively combinatorics (broadly interpreted): general Pure Maths seminars (or general Mathematics seminars) are not included. The list almost certainly contains omissions: please draw these to the Editor’s attention by emailing Maintenance of the links here will be minimal:  use is, so to speak, at your own risk.







QMUL:  (Study Group):


Warwick:  for DIMAP seminar: for combinatorics seminar.



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