Prof. Edward A. Codling


Professor of Mathematical Biology

Department of Mathematical Sciences

University of Essex, UK

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Editorial and Reviewing


As well as producing my own publications, I review for 41 different journals in the fields of applied mathematics, ecology and environmental sciences:

ANZIAM Journal, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Aquatic Living Resources, American Naturalist, Animal Behaviour, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Contributions to Zoology, Current Zoology, Ecological Applications, Ecological Complexity, Ecological Modelling, Ecology, Ecology Letters, Environmental Management, Estuaries and Coasts, Fish and Fisheries, Fisheries Research, Functional Ecology, Global Change Biology, ICES Journal of Marine Science, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Biological Dynamics, Journal of Marine Systems, Journal of Mathematical Biology, Journal of Plankton Research, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Journal of Spatial Information Science, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Movement Ecology, Oikos, Physica A, PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS ONE, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Proceedings of the Royal Society A, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Theory in Biosciences, Trends in Ecology and Evolution.


I am a member of the editorial boards of Methods in Ecology and Evolution and Ecological Complexity.

I have also acted as guest subject matter editor for Ecological Applications.

I am guest editor of two journal special issues:

     Interface Focus (April 2012)

     Ecological Complexity (Dec 2013)





∞  Submitted
51. Berdahl, AM, Kao, AB, Flack, A, Westley, PAH, Codling, EA, Couzin, ID, Dell, AI, Biro, D. Collective animal navigation and the emergence of migratory culture.
50. Bode, NWF, Codling, EA. Exploring determinants of pre-movement delays in a virtual crowd evacuation experiment.
49. Barker, ZE, Vazquez Diosdado, JA, Bell, NJ, Hodges, HJ, Codling, EA, Croft, DB, Amory, JR. Use of a novel sensor combining local positioning and acceleration to measure feeding behaviour changes associated with lameness in dairy cattle.
48. Walker, ND, Susanto, H, Steinke, M, Codling, EA. Top-down and bottom-up control in a multitrophic system: the role of nutrient limitation and infochemicals in a plankton food web model.
  In Press
47. Piercy, JJB, Smith, DJ, Simpson, SD, Jompa, J, Codling, EA. High temporal resolution sampling reveals reef fish settlement is highly clustered. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, in press.
  Published Journal Articles
46. Bailey, JD, Wallis, J, Codling, EA. 2018. Navigational efficiency in a biased and correlated random walk model of individual animal movement. Ecology, 99: 217–223.
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44. Pazhayamadom, DG, Kelly, CJ, Rogan, E, Codling, EA. 2016. Self-Starting Cumulative Sum Harvest Control Rule (SS-CUSUM-HCR) for managing data limited fisheries. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 73: 366-381.
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39. Pazhayamadom, DG, Kelly, CJ, Rogan, E, Codling, EA. 2015. Decision Interval Cumulative Sum Harvest Control Rules (DI-CUSUM-HCR) for managing fisheries with limited historical information. Fisheries Research, 171: 154-169. (pdf)
38. Vazquez Diosdado, JA, Barker, ZE, Hodges, HR, Amory, JR, Croft, DP, Bell, NJ, Codling, EA. 2015. Classification of behaviour in housed dairy cows using an accelerometer-based activity monitoring system. Animal Biotelemetry, 3: 15. (pdf)
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33. Auger-Mth, M, Plank, MJ, Codling, EA. 2014. Distinguishing between Lvy walks and strong alternative models: comment. Ecology, 95: 1104-1109. (pdf)

Reply article by Reynolds

32. Kraak, SBM, Reid, DG, Codling, EA. 2014. Exploring the RTI (Real-Time Incentive) tariff-based approach to single-species fisheries management. Fisheries Research, 155: 90-102. (pdf)
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22. Knell, AS, Codling EA. 2012. Classifying area-restricted search (ARS) using a partial sum approach. Theoretical Ecology, 5: 325-339. (pdf)

Supplementary material

21. Bode, NWF, Franks, DW, Wood, AJ, Piercy, JJB, Croft, DP, Codling, EA. 2012. Distinguishing social from non-social navigation in moving animal groups. American Naturalist, 179: 621-632. (pdf)

Supplementary material and data

20. Kraak, SBM, Reid, DG, Gerritsen, HD, Kelly, CJ, Fitzpatrick, M, Codling, EA, Rogan, E. 2012. 21st century fisheries management: A spatiotemporally explicit tariff-based approach combining multiple drivers and incentivising responsible fishing. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 69: 590-601. (pdf)
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Supplementary material

16. Boakes, DE, Codling, EA, Thorn, GJ, Steinke, M. 2011. Analysis and modelling of swimming behaviour in Oxyrrhis marina. Journal of Plankton Research, 33: 641-649. (pdf)
15. Codling, EA, Bearon, RN, Thorn, GJ. 2010. Diffusion about the mean drift location in a biased random walk. Ecology, 91: 3106-3113. (pdf)  

Ecological Archives E091-215-A1 (Online Appendix) 

14. Kraak, SBM, Kelly, CJ, Codling, EA, Rogan, E. 2010. On scientists’ discomfort in fisheries advisory science: the example of simulation-based fisheries Management Strategy Evaluations. Fish and Fisheries, 11: 119-132. (pdf)
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Reply article by Strom & Fredrickson

12. Plank, MJ, Codling, EA. 2009. Sampling rate and misidentification of Lvy and non-Lvy movement paths. Ecology, 90: 3546-3553. (pdf)  

Ecological Archives E090-248-A1 (Online Appendix)  -  Ecological Archives E090-248-A2 (Online Appendix)

Ecological Archives E090-248-A3 (Online Appendix)

11. Faria, JJ, Codling, EA, Dyer, JRG, Trillmich, F, Krause, J. 2009. Navigation in human crowds: testing the many-wrongs principle. Animal Behaviour, 78: 587-591. (pdf)      

Animal Behaviour Featured Articles - September 2009

10. Le Quesne, WJF, Codling, EA. 2009. Managing mobile species with MPAs: the effects of mobility, larval dispersal, and fishing mortality on closure size. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 66: 122-131. (pdf)
9. Codling, EA, Plank, MJ, Benhamou, S. 2008. Random walk models in biology. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 5: 813–834. (pdf)

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8. Codling, EA. 2008. Individual-based movement behaviour in a simple marine reserve – fishery system: why predictive models should be handled with care. Hydrobiologia, 606: 55-61. (pdf)
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Ecological Archives E088-111-A1 (Online Appendix)

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1. Codling, EA, Hill, NA, Pitchford, JW, Simpson, SD. 2004. Random walk models for the movement and recruitment of reef fish larvae. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 279: 215-224. (pdf)
∞  Published Conference Proceedings & Abstracts
2. Bode, NWF, Codling, EA. 2016. Statistical models for pedestrian behaviour in front of bottlenecks. Traffic and Granular Flow '15 (pp. 81-88), Springer.
1. Barker, ZE, Hodges, HR, Vazquez Diosdado, JA, Bell, NJ, Codling, EA, Croft, DP, Amory, JR. 2016. Detection of dairy cow behaviour changes associated with claw horn lesions using biosensors. Advances in Animal Biosciences, 7:1.
∞  Book Chapters
2. Piercy, JJB, Smith DJ, Codling, EA, Hill, AJ, Simpson, SD. 2016. The Good, the Bad, and the Distant: Soundscape Cues for Larval Fish. In A.N.Popper & A. Hawkins (eds.) The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II (pp. 829-837), Springer, New York.
1. Plank, MJ, Auger-Mth, M, Codling, EA. 2013. Lvy or not? Analysing positional data from animal movement paths. In M. Lewis, P.K. Maini, & S.V. Petrovskii (eds.) Dispersal, Individual Movement and Spatial Ecology: a Mathematical Perspective (pp. 33-52), Springer.
1. Codling, EA, Kelly, CJ (eds). 2006. Reports from the FSS mini-symposia 2004-2005. Galway: Marine Institute. ISBN 1-902895-29-0 (pdf)
∞  Other Publications
5. Codling, EA, Thorn, GJ. 2009. Simplifying assessment and management of fisheries. Fishing News (31/07/2009), p10. (pdf)
4. Codling, EA, Kelly, CJ. 2006. F-PRESS: a stochastic simulation tool for developing fisheries management advice and evaluating management strategies. Irish Fisheries Investigation Series, No. 17 (34pp). (pdf)
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1. Codling, EA. 2003. Biased random walks in biology. PhD thesis, University of Leeds. (pdf - 5MB)



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