Fabian Freyenhagen - Staff Page

Biographical Information

After reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Exeter College, Oxford, I completed a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. Then I worked for two years as a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, before joining the University of Essex, where I am now a Reader in Moral and Political Philosophy, and Head of School. I am Co-Director of the Essex Autonomy Project. My book, Adorno's Practical Philosophy: Living less wrongly, appeared in 2013 with Cambridge UP: www.cambridge.org/9781107036543     

Research Focus: Frankfurt School (especially Adorno); Ethics (particularly Kant's and Kantian ethics, and contemporary debates about autonomy); Political Philosophy; and Philosophy of Psychiatry.

Current Interests

(a) Autonomy and its (social) conditions;

(b) methodology in Political Philosophy;

(c) Critical Theory and the idea of social pathology;

(d) Philosophy of Psychiatry;

(d) and the question of whether there is a distinct ethics after Auschwitz, and if so, what it consists in.

Research Papers:

Papers on Adorno's (practical) philosophy

(1) Introduction to Adorno's Moral Philosophy (penultimate draft; final version in D. Cook (ed.), Adorno: Key Concepts, London: Acumen Press, 2008, Ch. 6).

(2) Criticism of the non-normative reading of Adorno's philosophy. (Penultimate draft; final version 'No Easy Way Out: Adorno's Negativism and the Problem of Normativity' in S. Giacchetti (ed.), Nostalgia for a Redeemed Future: Critical Theory, Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press., 2008).

(3) 'Adorno's Ethics Without the Ineffable': a critical engagement with J.G. Finlayson's interpretation and defence of Adorno's ethics. (Penultimate draft; final version now in Telos 155 (Summer 2011): 127-49).

(4) 'Adorno's critique of late capitalism: negative, explanatory, and practical'. (Penultimate draft; final version in Ruth Sonderegger and Karin de Boer (eds.), Conceptions of Critique in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), Ch. 10: pp. 175-92.)

(5) 'Adorno's Politics: Theory and Practcie in Germany's 1960s', Philosophy & Social Criticism 40.9 (November 2014). 

Papers on autonomy/philosophy of psychiatry (and the law)

(1) 'Mental Capacity and Decisional Autonomy: An Interdisciplinary Challenge', co-authored with G.S. Owen, G. Richardson and M. Hotopf, Inquiry 52.1 (2009): 79-107. Available free at the Taylor & Francis website of Inquiry.

(2) 'Personal Autonomy and Mental Capacity', Psychiatry 8.12 (December 2009): 465-467. Final draft available from Essex Autonomy Project website.

(3)  'An Unblinkered View of Best Interests', co-authored with Wayne Martin, Elizabeth Hall, Tom O'Shea, Antal Szerletics, Vivienne Ashley, British Medical Journal 345 (15 Dec 2012): 22-4; www.bmj.com/content/345/bmj.e8007?ijkey=wMuzWUd0mR22Azz&keytype=ref

(4) 'Hidden Substance: mental disorder as a challenge to normatively neutral accounts of autonomy', co-authored with T. O'Shea, International Journal of Law in Context 9.1 (March 2013): 53-70. [Special issue on 'Mental Capacity and Value Neutrality'.]

(5) 'Temporal inabilities and decision-making capacity in depression', co-authored with G.S. Owen, M. Hotopf and W. Martin, Phenomenology & Cognitive Sciences, early online (July 2013); open access: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11097-013-9327-x [Open Access]

(6) 'Clinical Assessment of decision-making capcity in acquired brain injury with personality change', co-authored with G.S. Owen, W. Martin, and A. David, Neuropsycol Rehab 2015 Jun 19: 1-16. [Open Access]

(7) 'Autonomy's Substance', Journal of Applied Philosophy (2015; early view). [Open Access]

Papers on ethics

(a) 'Ethical (Self-)Critique', Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 113.3 (October 2013): 253-68.

Papers on Kant's practical philosophy

(1) 'Reasoning Takes Time: On Allison and the Timelessness of the Intelligible Self', Kantian Review 13.2 (Autumn 2008): 67-84.

(2)  'Empty, Useless, and Dangerous? Recent Kantian Replies to the Empty Formalism Objection', (Penultimate draft; final version in Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain, 2011. Expanded version in T. Brooks (ed.), Hegel's Philosophy of Right: Ethics, Politics, and Law (Oxford: Blackwell, forthcoming February 2012), pp. 43-72.)

Papers on social pathology

(1) 'Honneth on social pathologies: a critique', Critical Horizons 16.2 (May 2015): 131-52.

Papers on Political Philosophy

(1) 'Taking reasonable pluralism seriously: an internal critique of political liberalism'. (Penultimate draft; final version in Politics, Philosophy & Economics 10.3 (2011): 323-42.

(2) 'Hat hier jemand gesagt, der Kaiser sei nackt? Eine Verteidigung der Geussschen Kritik an Rawls' idealtheoretischem Ansatz', co-authored with Jrg Schaub. (Penultimate draft; final version in Deutsche Zeitschrift fr Philosophie 58 (2010) 3: 457-77).

Current Teaching:

This academic year (2015-16), I -- unfortunately -- do not teach any modules, due to my heavy administrative load. I continue with MA and PhD research supervision.