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Martin Fleury is a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex, UK. Prior to that Martin was a Senior Lecturer at Essex. He holds a BA (hons) in Modern History (Oxford University, UK) and obtained a Maths/Physics-based degree (hons) from the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK in 1988. He took an MSc in Astrophysics from Queen Mary College, University of London, UK in 1990 and an MSc in Parallel Computing Systems (Dist.) in 1991 from the University of the South West, UK. His first MSc thesis was concerned with non-baryonic matter in the universe and his second MSc thesis was concerned with the parallel processing of pulse-doppler radar systems. He has worked as a commercial programmer and as a government accountant. He has various teaching qualifications, but in 1990 he decided to leave his school teaching post (in charge of computing), in favour of higher education. From 1992 to 1995, he was employed as a researcher in parallel reconfigurable image-processing systems at Essex, UK as a result of which he gained a PhD. Martin was awarded a best postgraduate paper award from British Telecom, Martlesham Labs. at the same time. From 1995, he worked as a Senior Research Officer on a parallel signal-processing project. On completion of the project, and before taking up a lectureship at Essex, he undertook a short-term fellowship with British Telecom, where he researched real-time speech-recognition.

Martin has run undergraduate and masters modules on digital design, computer microarchitecture, real-time computer graphics, parallel and distributed computing, real-time computing, hardware/software codesign, object-oriented software, operating systems, network security, and computer networks. He has recently run master's modules on wireless communications and networking principles, including optical networks. From 2015, he has taught a cloud computing module and from 2016 has run a course entitled "Hadoop fundamentals for the cloud" at the IADS Summer School. He has supervised or co-supervised: a good number of PhD students to graduation in the last ten years, as well as several masters by dissertation, and about sixty taught MSc students. Several of the taught MSc projects have resulted in journal and conference publications. He has also served as Director of Graduates (Research), with the department running a successful IEEE Conf. for PhD students. He has managed three-year EPSRC research projects on parallel computing and on networked video. He is a member of the IEEE.

Martin has recently completed a stint as an external examiner for the Open University, U.K.. He has also acted as an external examiner for a range of software and computer engineering topics for the Arab Open University. He is currently the external examiner for the Electronic Engineering MSc run by De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. He has acted as a PhD examiner, mainly outside the U.K., for example in South Africa, Malaysia, Malta, and India. Martin has reviewed project proposals for a number of countries, including the Netherlands and Canada. His work has included consultancy on patents.

Martin has published around 280 journal articles, conference research papers, and book chapters, including several books, since 1993. He has published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imagery, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, and IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. He has made contributions to networked video over wireless, low-level image- and signal-processing algorithms, the performance prediction of parallel systems, software engineering, network security, and real-time vision systems. His current research interests are in packet video over wireless networks, hardware/software co-design, document compression, (parallel) image-processing algorithms, network and video security, network measurement and simulation, parallel programming environments, and data intensive computing.

Martin's personal interests are in the history of art and architecture, as well as chess. He is particularly interested in 19th century and early 20th century painting as well as modernist architecture. He reads French literature. Martin paints in acrylics and oils, as well as in water-colours. He now plays Internet chess for Essex county, after a long involvement with chess. He enjoys cycling and mountaineering, and has even indulged in inline roller-skating and white water rafting. He has spent many years winter mountaineering in the Scottish West Highlands. Another interest is in treking: for example, in Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountains, and in Turkey's Taurus Mts. He has completed the 160 km Mont Blanc tour over high Alpine passes and mountains, spending a fortnight under canvas. He has travelled the length of VietNam and completed a camping tour of Scandinavia, never going south of the arctic circle. The cold theme continues, as he has taken up snow-shoeing and tobogganing in Switzerland and visited Astana, the world's second coldest capital city, on business with the British Council.

Scotland Arran             Mt. Blanc.              Switzerland Adelboden.

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