Video Networking is the generic name for video coding for transmission over packet networks. Considering the networks’ constraints on: bitrate, channel errors, packet losses, network congestion, security, quality and receiver constraints our research on networked video looks in details at the following issues:

1-Video processing

•     Compression techniques

•     Error resilient techniques

•     Scalable/layered coding

•     Distributed video coding

•     Multiple description coding

•     Error/Loss concealment

•     Transcoding

•     Watermarking

•     Encryption

•     Video quality metering

•     Video retrieval

•     Video segmentation and object tracking


2- Network protocols

•     IP (IPTV, OTT)

•     ATM

•     Mobile

•     Wirelss (Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax, LTE)

•     Local and Wide Area Networks

•     Broadcast (DTT, Satellite, Cable)

•     AdHoc networks (MANET, VANET)

•     Sensor Networks

3- Networks & Services

•     Source-Channel coding

•     Cross-layer optimisation

•     Resource measurements

•     Quality of Service & Quality of Evaluation

•     Resource management

•     Flow & Congestion control

•     Usage parameter control/admission control

•     VBR , UBR and ABR services

•     Streaming

•     IT-Broadcast workflow

•     Cost analysis of networks & services

•     Tariff and service charges


These activities are explained in some details in Current Research Activity and are summarized in a set of slides in our Lab website (broadband access is required to download them!) or direct to:

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