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Research Interests

Network Convergence: wireless + wireless (heterogeneous wireless networks), wired + wireless (fixed mobile convergence or FMC) in terms of topology control, routing, MAC, cross-layer design, multimedia wireless communications; system modelling and performance analysis, algorithms and protocols; wireless network virtualization; vehicular networks.

Future Internet Architecture: network virtualization, clean-slate post-IP network technologies (e.g., information centric networking, ICN), convergence of network virtualization and IT resource virtualization (cloud computing). 

Others: molecular communications, mobile social networks, mobile cloud computing, IP network management.

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Projects Involved

On-going Projects funded externally:

- EU H2020 Project iCIRRUS (intelligent Converged network consolidating Radio and optical access aRound USer equipment), C-RAN+D2D+mobile cloud. Value: 490K Euros, 1 Jan. 2015 - 31 Dec. 2017.

- EU H2020 Project POINT (iP Over IcN每 the betTer IP), is to develop technology and business value chains for commercially viable IP-over-ICN deployment, based on the hypothesis that many current IP-based applications can run &better* on an ICN-based network than on current IP networks ICN over. Value: 480K Euros, 1 Jan. 2015 - 31 Dec. 2017.

-  UK EPSRC (Engineering & Physics Science Research Council) funded project NIRVANA (Intelligent, Heterogeneous Virtualised Networking Infrastructure), Value (FEC): about £1M, 1 October 2014- 30 September 2017. It offers a holistic approach to technological, protocol and service-layer research into an intelligent mobile network.  Virtualisation of network functions in a cloud-radio access network (C-RAN) and of mobile device functionalities into a mobile cloud, as well as intelligent monitoring of the virtualised network offer performance (throughput), spectral and energy efficiency advantages. A joint project with University of Kent, UK. 

-  UK EPSRC (Engineering & Physics Science Research Council) funded project DANCER (Digital Agent Networking for Customer Energy Reduction), Value (FEC): about £1M, 1 August 2012- 31 July 2016. To investigate into how advanced sensing, wireless networking and decision making techniques can be used together with energy customer's living habit as a result of social and psychological data gathering and analysis in order to achieve energy usage reduction within a household and a residential building. A joint project with the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology of University of Essex.

-  EU (European Union)-funded FP7 Project CROWN (Cross-layer Research on Green Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks and Services), Duration: 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2018.

-  EU (European Union)-funded FP7 Project CLIMBER (Cross-Layer Investigation and Integration of Computing and Networking Aspects of Mobile Social Networks), Duration: 1 April 2013 - 31 March 2017.

Recently Finished Projects funded externally:

-  -  EU (European Union)-funded FP7 Project MONICA (Mobile Cloud Computing: Networks, Services and Architecture), Duration: 1 Feb 2012 - 31 Dec 2015.

EU (European Union)-funded FP7 Project EVANS (End-to-end Virtual Resource Management across Heterogeneous Networks and Services), the major objective is to increase researchers* mobility between EU countries and China to obtain better understanding of network virtualisation for future Internet infrastructure. Duration: May 2011- April. 2014.

-  EU (European Union)-funded FP7 ICT 5th Call Project PURSUIT (Publish Subscribe Internet Technology), a STREP project investigating into future Internet technologies beyond IP. Duration: 1 Oct. 2010 - 31 March 2013.

-  EU (European Union)-funded FP7 ICT 5th Call Project MANTYCHORE (IP Network as a Service), a STREP project focusing on network virtualization and Network as a Service (NaaS), Duration: Oct. 2010 - March 2013

-  EU (European Union)-funded FP7 ICT 4th Call Project GEYSERS (Generalized Architecture for Dynamic Infrastructure Services), an Large Scale Integrated Project (IP) involving 14 partners from around the Europe. Funding for UEssex: 550K Euros. Starting on 1st Jan. 2010 for 3 years.

- UK EPSRC (Engineering & Physics Science Research Council) and TSB (Technical Strategy Board) jointly funded project PAL (Personal and Social Communication Services for Health and Lifestyle Monitoring). Value (FEC): £600K, 1st July 2009- 31st Dec 2012. To investigate into the heterogeneous network and service middleware solutions for new generation healthcare services. Other partners: Ericsson, British Telecom, Univ. of Cambridge.

-   UK EPSRC (Engineering & Physics Science Research Council) project PANDA (Policy-based Model-driven Pervasive Service Creation and Adaptation). FEC Value: £266K, 15th December 2006 每 14th December 2009 - as the Principal Investigator (PI)

-   UK TSB (Technical Strategy Board) and EPSRC (Engineering & Physical Science Research Council) jointly funded project Heterogeneous IP Networks - HIPNet, which investigates the future networks (both fixed and mobile) and services. Funding: £850K, Duration 1st September 2006 每 31st August 2009, a post-doc  每 as a co-investigator internally

-   BT (British Telecom)-funded project MOSE - Model-driven Component-based Systems Engineering: a project aiming to tackle NGOSS (Next Generation Operational System Support) challenges by making use of OMG model-driven architecture (MDA) from both a theoretical and a practical point of view. Duration: Oct. 2005-Sept. 2008, PhD studentship - as the Principal Investigator (PI)

-   BT (British Telecom)-funded studentship on application of model-driven architecture on BT business service engineering. Duration: Sept. 2006-March 2007, PhD studentship - as the Principal Investigator (PI)

-   BT (British Telecom)-funded studentship on adaptive service engineering. Duration: Oct. 2008 每 September 2009, PhD studentship - as the Principal Investigator (PI)

-   British Telecom Short-term Fellowship 2007 on ※An Investigation on a Mobility-friendly Service Assembly Environment§.


Other internally-funded research projects:

-   Global Challenge Project ※Reinventing the Internet - A Platform for Global Collaboration and Network Innovation§, £50K, August 2009 每 July 2010. (PI: Prof. D. Simeonidou)

-   ※On Policy-based Context Modelling§, funded by the RPF (Research Promotion Funds) of UoE. (finished)

-   ※Cross-layer design of multimedia wireless communication system§, funded by the RPF (Research Promotion Funds) (finished at Feb. 2007)

-   ※Implementation and Verification of a Policy-based Context-aware Service Description Language§, funded by the RPF (Research Promotion Funds) (finished at April. 2006)

Projects I was involved in back in UCL (EU IST Projects):

-   FAIN (Future Active IP Network): a three-year collaborative research project, whose main task was to develop and validate an open, flexible, programmable and dependable network architecture based on a novel active node approach. Mobile agent technology and distributed object technology were used to provide a novel service programming environment which enabled the dynamic creation and update of secure deployment and operation of protocols. Most of the active institutes in active networks field like ETH-Zurich (Prof. Bernhard Platter), University of Pennsylvania (Prof. Jonathan Smith), University of Columbia (Prof. Rolf Sadler), GMD Fokus (Dr. Ekhard Muller), Siemens, Hitachi Ltd. were actively involved. (finished)

-   MANTRIP: its main objective was to design, develop, test, validate and provide a set of novel network management applications based on Mobile Agent Technology (MAT) for managing IP based networks and to evaluate MAT in the context of Network Management. Network Research Group, University of Surrey headed by Prof. George Pavlou has contributed plenty of focused work which benefited the project a lot. Telma Mota from Portugal Telecom, together with NTUA (National Technical University of Athens, led by Prof. George Stassinopoulos) and others, demonstrated a very impressive Parlay-based DiffServ scenario. My closest co-operator was Sonny Rasmussen from UhC, Denmark. (finished)

-   CONTEXT: In Context, I mainly involved in WP2 which was responsible for requirement engineering and overall architecture design. I also participated in all other work-packages. I left this consortium before its official end date (Feb., 2005). Jos谷 Fabi芍n Roa Buend赤a from Telef車nica I+D has very strong computer science background and Arto Juhola from VTT (Finland) is a very impressive project coordinator. (finished)

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Funding Sources

    FP7 - ICT | EPSRC | TSB | Royal Academy of Engineering | Royal Society | JISC | Leverhulme Trust | REO @ UoE |

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RAs & Academic Visitors

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Professional Activities

    Senior Member of IEEE, Fellow of IET, Member of IEEE ComSoc, ACM

   Invited speaker in NII International advanced lecturers series on ICT, at NII (National Institute of Informatics), Tokyo, Japan, 2009.

    Editorial Board

    IEEE Access (open access)

    IEEE Communication Surveys & Tutorials (till 2015)

    Wiley International Journal of Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing (till 2014)

    Wiley International Journal of Security and Communication Networks

    Springer International Journal of Telecommunication Systems (till 2015)

    Inderscience International Journal of Ultra Wideband Communications and Systems  (IJUWBCS)

    International Journal of Wireless Communications and Networking (IJWCN)

    Wiley International Journal of Communication Systems (IJCS)

    Inderscience International Journal of Social Network Mining (IJSNM)

    Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks

    Guest editor of Special Issues

    Lead Guest Editor of Special Issue on topic ※Interdisciplinary and Cross-layer Design of Mobile Social Networks and Wireless Networks§ in International Journal of Communication Systems (IJCS). Submission deadline: March 2010.

    Guest Editor of the Special Issue on ※Recent Advancement in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks§ by Wiley International Journal of Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing (JWCMC), 2008 (submission deadline: end of 2008)

    Lead Guest Editor of the Special Issue on ※Interdisciplinary Design of Algorithms and Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks§ by the International Journal of Sensor Networks, InderScience Publisher, 2007

    Conference Organizing

    TPC Co-chair of Wireless Networking Symposium, 2011 International Conference on Communications and Mobile Computing (CMC 2011), April 2011, Qingdao, China.

    General Co-chair of the Third IEEE International Symposium on Trust, Security and Privacy for Emerging Applications (TSP-10), June 29-July 1, 2010 in Bradford, UK

    TPC Co-chair of Wireless Networking Symposium, 2010 International Conference on Communications and Mobile Computing (CMC 2010), April 12-14, 2010, Shenzhen, China.

     General Co-chair of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (CSA 2009), Jeju, Korea, December 10 - 12, 2009.

    Symposium Co-chair of the Optical Communications and Networking Symposium at Chinacom 2009, August 26 - 28 2009, Xi'an, China

    Symposium Co-chair of the Mobile Computing Symposium at 2009 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, IEEE/ACM IWCMC09, Leipzig, Germany, June 21-24, 2009

    TPC vice-chair of IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Vehicle Communication Systems (IVCS 2009), Les Vegas, USA, Jan. 2009.

    TPC Co-chair of 2nd International Conference on Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments 2009 (WAVE 2009), December 21-22, 2009, Shanghai, P. R. China.

    Symposium Co-chair of the Mobile Computing Symposium at 2008 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference IEEE/ACM IWCMC08, August 6-8, 2008, Chania Crete Island, Greece.

    TPC vice-chair or track chair of the ※pervasive/ubiquitous computing and intelligence research track§ in 10th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC-08), Dalian, China, September 25-27, 2008.

    TPC co-chair of the 2nd International Workshop on Cooperative Wireless Communications and Networking (CONET 2008), September 8th - 11th, 2008, London, UK, in conjunction with BROADNETS 2008.

    TPC co-chair of IEEE International Workshop on Network and System Security (NeSS 2008), September 25th - 27th, 2008, Dalian, China, in conjunction with 10th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC-08).

    TPC co-chair of International Workshop on Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Integration for Broadband Access, July 28 每 31, 2008, Hong Kong, in conjunction with the 5th International ICST Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness (QShine 2008).

    TPC co-chair of 1st International Workshop on 'Web 2.0: Applications, Modeling and Simulation' (WAMS'08), in conjunction with 9th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT'08), 1-4 December 2008 - Dunedin, New Zealand.

    Symposium Co-chair of the Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks Symposium at 2007 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference IEEE/ACM IWCMC07, August 12-16, 2007, Turtle Bay Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

    Tutorial Chair of the International Conference on Pervasive Services (ICPS07), Istanbul, Turkey, July 15-20, 2007.

    Publicity Co-chair of the Third International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking (ICMU 2006), October 11 - 13, 2006. Queen Mary University of London, London, U.K.

    Tutorial Chair of the International Conference on Pervasive Services (ICPS06), Lyon, France, June 26-30, 2006.

    TPC Activities: Regular in IEEE Globecom and ICC. Click here for more information.

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