School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex

  Supervision by Kun Yang

Please see here for my research interests.

I am generally happy to discuss project proposals proposed by students themselves provided the proposal contains a well-defined objective and a clear motivation. Please refer to the Departmental webpage for the project proposals proposed by me for undergraduates and MSc students.

I encourage excellent students to apply for MPhil/PhD study in the broad fields of wireless mobile networks, heterogeneous wireless networks, fixed mobile convergence, pervasive service engineering. Please check from the CSEE website for potential funding and further information concerning entrance requirement, progress procedures, etc. You can always drop me an email.

RAs & Academic Visitors

Mr. Andreas Bontozoglou, Research Officer working on EPSRC Project PAL.

Mr. Nikos Vastardis, Research Officer working on EPSRC Project PAL.

Dr. Raul Almeida, Senior Research Officer on EPSRC Project PAL (first on EPSRC project HIPnet)

Mr. Mittal Patel, Research Officer on EU FP7 Project PURSUIT (Sept 2010 - August 2011), will be with British Telecom

Dr. Jianhua He, Senior Research Officer on EPSRC/DTi HIPNET project (Sept. 2006-July 2009), currently a lecturer in Swansea University, UK

Dr. Shumao Ou, Senior Research Officer on the EPSRC PANDA Project and HIPnet Project (Nov. 2006 June 2009), currently a lecturer in Oxford Brooks University, UK.

Prof. Dr. Jun Shen of Guilin University of Electronic Science & Technology & Beijing Institute of Technology. (Sept. 2004 - Aug. 2005)

Mr. David Xiaohu Wang of the 27th Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (Dec. 2006 Dec. 2007)

Dr. Josh Lianhai Shan, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. (Aug. Oct. 2008)

Mr. Tiancheng Gao, Northern Information Institute, Taiyuan City, China. (April September 2009)

I am currently supervising the following PhD students:

   Andreas Bontozoglou: QoS-aware Network Selection and Bandwidth Allocation in Convergence Wired and Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, starting at Oct. 2009 (on EPSRC studentship and UEssex Scholarship).

   Zhenfei Wang: Convergence of Passive Optical Networks with Multi-sink Wireless Sensor Networks, starting at Oct. 2009 (on UEssex Scholarship and Chinese Government Studentship). Co-supervised with Dr. David Hunter

  Laura Carrea: Information-centric Networking Using Bloom Filter, starting at Oct. 2009 (funded by BT studentship), co-supervised with Dr. Martin Reed.

  Nikolaos Vastardis: Socially-aware Routing in Delay-tolerant Social Mobile Networks, starting at April 2010 (on EPSRC and UEssex scholarship).

  Minh Tran Anh: Vehicular Social Networks, starting at Oct. 2010 (on government funding)

  Mahin Abbasipour: on Virtualization of Wireless Mesh Networks, started at April 2011.



PhD students successfully completed:

   Shumao OU: An Effective Offloading System for Pervasive Services in Mobile Wireless Environments (on Univ. Studentship + BT Studentship Top-up), Oct. 2004 August 2007, after working as a RA on one of my EPSRC projects at the Univ. of Essex, he has known taken a permanent lectureship position in Oxford Brooks University.

   Yumin WU (a.k.a. Tom): QoS-aware Routing for Heterogeneous Wireless Network (Ad hoc networks + UMTS Cellular networks) (on UoE studentship), Oct. 2005 May 2009. now working in ZhongXin Bank, China.

   Andreas Constantinides: Topology Control of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Modern Heuristics (co-supervised with Dr. Qingfu Zhang of CS as jointly funded by ESE and CS, UoE and EPSRC), Oct. 2005-Sept. 2009. Currently with University of Cyprus.

   Achilleas Achilleos: Petri-net-based Model-driven Pervasive Service Creation (on BT Studentship under MOSE project), Oct. 2005-Sept. 2009. Currently with University of Cyprus.

   Weibo CHEN: Zone-based Full-reactive Routing Algorithms for Mobile ad hoc Networks Utilizing Adaptive Caching (in collaboration with British Telecom), Oct. 2004 - Sept. 2010.

   Ridong Fei: QoS-aware Two-level Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm in IEEE 802.16j-enabled Vehicular Networks, Oct. 2006-Sept. 2010.

   Alexandros Schillings: On Energy-sensitive Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Game Theory (On EPSRC CASE studentship), Oct. 2004 - Oct. 2010.




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   Initial Dissemination

o London Communications Symposium (LCS), UCL

o postgraduate symposium, (PSNET), Liverpool (Deadline: 1st of May; to be held: end of June)


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MSc students supervised by me:

o   Academic Year 2011-2012

       Chao REN: SNMP-based Network Monitoring

       Naveed SYED: Network Mobility in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

       Yuqi PENG: Evaluation of Energy-efficient Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks

o   Academic Year 2010-2011

       Zixu Chen: A Nimble routing algorithm using Bloom Filter in Wireless Networks

       Prachi Dhamorikar: Virtualization of Mobile Wireless Networks: a Practical Approach

       Xiao Fu: Positioning Service on Android Mobile Phones

       Kostas Papadopoulos: A New Mechanism for Link Capacity Prediction for Core IP Networks (with Dr. Ken Guild)

       Sara Mazidi: Investigation of False Positive in Bloom Filter for Information-Centric Networking (with Dr. Ken Guild)

       Bhaskar Tilak: Link-aware Topology Manager in Blackadder-enabled Information-centric Networks (with Dr. Ken Guild)

o   Academic Year 2009-10

       Li Chen: MADM-based Network Selection Algorithms in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

       Vikas Gupta: A Use Case for Network-aware Cloud Computing

       Xiao Fu: Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Networks

       Olubowale, Adebanjo O: Energy-aware Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

o   Academic Year 2008-09

       Amar Gajanan Deogirikar: Security Issues for Pervasive Services Running in Wireless Mobile Environment: A Case Study

       Andreas Bontozoglou: Network Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

       Dhanarajan Balaraman: Performance Evaluation of Energy-aware Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

o   Academic Year 2007-08

       Dongsheng Liu: Multi-path routing in wireless sensor networks an experimental study

       Kyriakos Angeli: Service adaptation using fuzzy logic control -  a case study

o   Academic Year 2006-07

       Ifeoluwa Ajelabi: Pervasive Service Adaptation Using Fuzzy Logic

       Majed Alhaisoni: Performance Analysis of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

o   Academic Year 2005-06

       Paul Curran: An Adaptive Intrusion Detection System Based on Ant Colony Algorithm (part-time)

       Chike Chukudebelu: Fuzzy logic-controlled OSGi-based Home Network Context-awareness (intermitted)

       Qingdong (Jack) Wang: Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11 using a Cross-layer Design Method

o   Academic Year 2004-05

       Richard Lim: Experimental Evaluation of Typical Energy-aware Routing Algorithms for Sensor Networks Using J-Sim (Graduated with DISTINCTION)

       Paul Curran: An Adaptive Intrusion Detection System Based on Ant Colony Algorithm (part-time)

       Yumin (Tom) Wu: Experimental Evaluation of Typical Position-based Routing Algorithms for Ad hoc Network Using ns-2

       Praveen Chinthala: A Study on Utilizing Grid Testbed for Pervasive Service Development

o   Academic Year 2003-04

       Hamad Alrimeih: Gathering Mobile Device Oriented Contextual Information (DISTINCTION on project)

       Chethan Srinivas: Managing User-side Contextual Information to Support Adaptive Services in Mobile Environment

       Richard Lim (intermitted): Adaptive Service Discovery in Mobile Environment through OSGi

       Mario Gonzalez: Streaming Traffic Analysis in Wired and Wireless Networks

       Bindi Shah: Mobile Phone Simulator Wrapped by Mobile Agent

       Raghu Varma Tirumalaraju: Analysis and Deployment of Globus Toolkit v3 over Heterogeneous Networks

UG students supervised by me:

o   Academic Year 2011-2012

       Kevin Yang Wan: Location-enabled Social Network System on Mobile Devices

       Liam Daley: Live Video Streaming over Cloud

       Chathura Sarathchandra: Security over Mobiles

o   Academic Year 2008-09

       Alex Harris: An Intelligent Brute Force Prevention Approach through Dynamic Firewall Rule Generation

o   Academic Year 2007-08

       Daniel Meyers: Service Adaptation in Wireless Mobile Environments: A Case Study

       Teko Oabile: Evaluation of a Cluster-based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

       Nonofo O Mlandu: IP Network Traffic Monitoring Using SNMP Protocol

o   Academic Year 2006-07

       Abdula Almehrezi: Evaluation of Energy-awareness Communication Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

       Jamie Doyle: Content Adaptation in Wireless Mobile Environments: A Case Study

o   Academic Year 2005-06

       Wazha Segole: Prototyping Pervasive Services using Grid Computing Environment

       Odisitse Maswibilili: Monitor Network Performance Using SNMP Protocol

       Nicolas De Maya Norris: Measuring the Performance of SNMP protocol in Wireless Networks

o   Academic Year 2004-05

       Sherwin Seow: Wireless Service for Adaptive Web Access

       Chris Neil Kerswell: On-line Driver Management System (specifically for radio controlled model car drivers)

       Ben Bailey: A Novel Service Discovery System through Jini and Mobile Agents

       Jon Staley: A Web-based Email Client System

       Sherif El Kafrawy: Managing Network Routers using SNMP Protocol

       Daniel Thomas Fletcher: Design & Development of an E-commerce Management System

       On-line log book

o   Academic Year 2003-04

       Janine Morgan: Online Course Article Database System with Search & Spelling Facilities (DISTINCTION)

       Mark D. Taylor: Web-based Multimedia Content Storage and Delivery System