Noun Phrase Agreement and Coordination

This AHRC funded project ran from 1/3/04 to 31/3/06 (Project MRG-AN10939/APN17606), and involved two sites:

  • Mary Dalrymple and Irina Nikolaeva based in the Centre for Linguistics and Philology, University of Oxford, (and here is the project description for the site) and
  • Louisa Sadler and Ryo Otoguro based in the Department of Linguistics, University of Essex. Previously Aline Villavicencio worked on the project at Essex. She is now a lecturer at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Ryo Otoguro is now a lecturer at Fukui Prefectural University, Japan.
  • Objectives

    Many current treatments of agreement assume that a noun phrase like "John" or "the book" has a single set of agreement (person, number, gender) features, referenced by determiners, adjectives, nouns, and other agreeing elements. Our project focuses on cases involving coordination, such as "John and I" or "this man and woman", which show that this simple assumption is untenable: different agreement processes can refer to different agreement features in the noun phrase, or to the features of a single conjunct. These complex phrases provide a window into general processes of agreement.

    Part of the work of this project has involved a relatively large scale data search concerning agreement patterns within Portuguese NPs. See here to view the data collected on these agreement patterns.

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