Noun Phrase Agreement and Coordination: Other Resources

(List updated 22/6/06)

The following papers present the basis for this work, and describe the results obtained:

  • Mary Dalrymple, Tracy Holloway King and Stanley Peters. Noun coordination: Syntax and semantics. PDF file.
  • Tracy Holloway King and Mary Dalrymple. Determiner Agreement and Noun Conjunction. Journal of Linguistics, 40(1), 2004.
  • Mary Dalrymple and Ronald M. Kaplan. Feature indeterminacy and feature resolution. Language 74(4), pp. 759--798. December 2000.
  • Louisa Sadler. 2003. Asymmetric Coordination and Agreement in LFG. In Butt and King (eds.), Nominals: Inside and Out. CSLI Publications.
  • Louisa Sadler. 1999. Non-Distributive Features and Coordination in Welsh. Proceedings of LFG99. HTML, PDF file, PS file.

  • Material for the course on Advanced topic in LFG: Agreement, taught by Mary Dalrymple and Louisa Sadler at the Winter School in LFG and Computational Linguistics, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, July 2004.
    1. Day 1: Verb and adjective agreement. PDF file.

    2. Day 2: Agreement and coordination. PDF file.

    3. Day 3: Index and Concord. PDF file.

    4. Day 4: Indeterminacy and syncretism. PDF file.