University of Essex
Department of Language and Linguistics

Verb-initial grammars: A multilingual/parallel perspective

The Welsh PARGRAM Project
ESRC Project RES-000-23-0505

The Welsh grammar runs on the XLE grammar development platform, an efficient and powerful system developed and maintained at the Palo Alto Research Center in California, which faithfully implements LFG theory. It incorporates the finite-state morphological analyzer for Welsh which was developed in tandem with the grammar, available on the Morphological Analyzer page. The compiled .fst files are included in this distribution.

The Welsh Grammar can be run directly using the University of Bergen XLE Web Interface - for instructions on how to do this and further information, go here . A version of the grammar may be made available for research only uses: contact the principal investigator.

Final Version: includes the following files:

  1. CONFIG file:
    • welsh.lfg
  2. MORPHOLOGY file:
    • welsh-std-morphconfig
    Compiled fst files called by Morphology:
    1. TOKENIZE:
      • cymtok-whitespace.fst
      • cymtok.fst
      • decaps.fst
      • diacrit-exact-lower.fst
      • diacrit-exact-upper.fst
      • diacrit-sloppy.fst
      • welsh-morph-adj.fst
      • welsh-morph-adv.fst
      • welsh-morph-noun.fst
      • welsh-morph-number.fst
      • welsh-morph-othercats.fst
      • welsh-morph-prep.fst
      • welsh-morph-verb.fst
      • welsh-morph-verb-bod.fst
      • welsh-multiword.fst
  3. FEATURES files:
    • common.features.lfg
    • welsh-features.lfg
  4. RULES files:
    • welsh-rules.lfg
    • welsh-rules-sublex.lfg
  5. LEXICON files:
    • welsh-lex-tags.lfg
    • welsh-lex-adj.lfg
    • welsh-lex-adv.lfg
    • welsh-lex-c.lfg
    • welsh-lex-conj.lfg
    • welsh-lex-nouns.lfg
    • welsh-lex-number.lfg
    • welsh-lex-prep.lfg
    • welsh-lex-smallcats.lfg
    • welsh-lex-verbs.lfg
  6. TEMPLATES files:
    • common-templates.lfg
    • welsh-templates.lfg
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