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Illegal copies of my designs for sale have been identified on ebay. They are on offer without my permission, with my name and details removed. These will be printouts from medium-res jpegs that I have made available for publishing on the internet. They will look awful at larger sizes. You have been warned!

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Purchase any poster, and have the opportunity to buy the book Underground Maps Unravelled for 35.00 including postage, a 10.00 reduction on the cover price.

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Circles Tube Map

An experiment to emphasise the new orbital connections to London offered by the completion of the London Overground loop. Not intended to offer a breakthrough in usability, this map nonetheless looks very powerful and organised, in a way that cannot be matched by other design rules. This map went viral on the internet, here is just a small selection of links to pages that covered it.

Going Underground blog by Annie Mole
Londonist by Matt Brown
The Guardian by Ami Sedghi

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New York Subway Circles Map

In theory, the result of this should have been an ugly mess. New York is not a city based upon circles and spokes. Yet strangely, the result is powerful, coherent, and balanced. We can debate the usability of these maps forever (or at least until my usability studies commence) but aesthetics are a separate issue.

Gothamist by Jen Chung

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Curvy Tube Map

Henry Beck's original Underground map from 1933 changed the complexities of real line into simple straight lines. Unfortunately, with today's complex networks, the result is all-too-often a collection of zig-zags instead. The premise behind Curvy Tube Map is that if we are going to get zig-zags no matter what, then perhaps an alternative is to smooth them all away into gentle curves instead. Not intended to be geographically correct (although it is not bad in this respect), Curvy Tube Map attempts a more playful and organic take on the network.

Going Underground blog by Annie Mole
Londonist by Sally Butcher

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Tube Map

Maps are not just for planning journeys, their appearance can fascinate and delight. Worldwide, how many maps are on walls rather than in pockets? Charles Rennie Mackintosh never had any involvement in the London Underground, but let's pretend that he was commissioned to design a map. How might it have looked? In this design, the grid dominates, relieved by floral motifs at the line ends and around the border.

Mapping London

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All Other Designs

From the left, top to bottom: (1) London Underground in art deco style, (2) London Underground in the style of New York, 1972
(3) London Underground in art nouveau style, (4) Paris all-curves
(5) Berlin multi-linear, (6) New York traditional linear.

I have designed over 100 different maps for cities worldwide, too many to list here, although most of them are reproduced in my book Underground Maps Unravelled which you can buy on these web pages. You will also find designs scattered around the internet, sometimes as slideshows, also included with exhibition reviews. If you would like a specific design, and you can describe it verbally (e.g. the page number from my book) then order directly by using the button below. I will email back with a thumbnail to confirm that this is the design that you want. Alternatively, email me with a description and an image, and we will take it from there. Contact me at

Slide show from LBC
Slide show of Berlin maps in Das Bild
Review of my first exhibition at Southend by Diamond Geezer
Review of my London exhibition by Ian Visits

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The Small Print

  • To prevent any misunderstanding, if you have specified a design that is not explicitly listed on this page, I will email you a jpeg image of the map and ask you to confirm that this is the design that you require before printing.
  • I am not able to sell maps for which I do not possess the copyright (e.g. official maps or modified official maps). If you order a design for which I do not possess copyright, I will refund your payment and email you to explain why.
  • The indicated sizes are for paper dimensions, not map dimensions. Not all maps are metric-sized, and metric roll paper for large-format printers does not exist! A2 prints are from a 17 inch roll (432mm), A1 prints from a 24 inch roll (610mm), and A0 prints from a 36 inch roll (914mm). These sizes are slightly larger than metric standard. Maps will be sized and trimmed to fit the greatest dimension, with a 5mm border. In practice, this means that you will be getting a slightly larger map than you were expecting. Please don't buy a frame until you know what size the map will be. If this is critical, check with me first!
  • By its nature, print-on-demand is a labour-intensive service. Paper may have to be reloaded, and each map needs to be checked individually and carefully rolled and packed. I will aim to dispatch each order within seven days of receipt, and will keep you posted by email if there might be reason for a delay (e.g. because of holidays).
  • Accuracy. As for any personal project, the occasional glitch is inevitable on a complicated map. Genuine mistakes are addressed as soon as possible, and all notified mistakes will be corrected on any dispatched map. If I know there is a mistake, I won't ship until the map is fixed.