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The Selection of High-Skilled Emigrants (August 2016, with Jens Ruhose, Fabian Waldinger and Nicolai Netz)

  • forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics (REStat).
  • current version: (PDF).

Nonparametric Estimation of a Heterogeneous Demand Function under the Slutsky Inequality Restriction (with Richard Blundell and Joel Horowitz)

  • forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics (REStat).
  • (PDF).

Maternal Education, Home Environments, and the Development of Children and Adolescents (with Pedro Carneiro and Costas Meghir)

  • Journal of the European Economic Association (2013), 11(S1), 123-160, Decennial Issue, January 2013 (LINK).

Measuring the Price Responsiveness of Gasoline Demand: Economic Shape Restrictions and Nonparametric Demand Estimation (with Richard Blundell and Joel Horowitz)

  • Quantitative Economics (2012), vol. 3 (1), pp. 29-51 (LINK).

Studying Abroad and the Effect on International Labour Market Mobility: Evidence from the Introduction of ERASMUS (with Fabian Waldinger)

  • The Economic Journal (2011), vol. 121 (551), pp. 194-222 (LINK).
  • (PDF) (The definitive version is available here.)

Research papers

Measuring the Market Size for Cannabis: A New Approach Using Forensic Economics (with Imran Rasul)

Testing exogeneity in nonparametric instrumental variables identified by conditional quantile restrictions (with Jia-Young Michael Fu and Joel Horowitz)

  • cemmap Working Papers, CWP68/15 (PDF).

Vocational Schooling versus Apprenticeship Training. Evidence from Vacancy Data


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