Research Interests for

Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

University of Essex

Sociolinguistics –

o        Models of linguistic community, norms, and ideology


Language and Human Rights –

o        Language testing of asylum applicants: controversy over methods, best-practice standards, & developing the research base


Language variation and change –

o        Urban dialectology, esp. sound change

o        Inherent variation, its functions and development

o        Language, class and ethnicity in a variationist framework


African American diaspora languages -

o        Structure and use of Jamaican Creole: phonology, phonetics, syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics and lexicon

§       Esp. variation in verb tense/aspect & noun number-marking

o        Caribbean creole narrative, folklore and verbal arts

o        British Afro-Caribbean English (BrACE, aka ‘London Jamaican’): structure & origins

o        U.S. African American Vernacular English (AAVE, aka 'Black English' or 'Ebonics')

o        African-diaspora Creoles and vestigial Creoles in North America and the Atlantic area


Applied Sociolinguistics:

o        Medical discourse analysis: doctor/patient interaction, ethnomedical narratives)

o        Forensic linguistics, esp. application of linguistic variation, pragmatics & discourse in criminal trials


A detailed description of the kinds of PhD topics I supervise is available here (scroll down to my name)


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Last updated 30 June 2009