Where are the languages?

Europe & the Middle East, linguistically the poorest areas of the world, have only 4% of all languages;
the Americas North, Central, South have 15%,
Africa 30%,
Asia 32%,
the Pacific (19%).

Nine "megadiversity" countries account for more than half of the world's spoken languages: two of them have over 500 languages Papua New Guinea (850) and Indonesia (670).

Another seven have over 200 languages each: Nigeria (410); India (380); Cameroon (270); Australia (250); Mexico (240); Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) (210); Brazil (219); totalling 3,490 languages.

The following 13 countries have at least 100 languages each: the Philippines; Russia; the U.S.A.; Malaysia; the Peoples' Republic of China; Sudan; Tanzania; Ethiopia; Chad; the New Hebrides; the Central African Republic; Myanmar (Burma); and Nepal. (TSK)