2006-07 academic year:


The Fifth Annual Lecture on

Language and Human Rights

By Dr. Diana Eades


University of New England, NSW

Fellow, Australian Academy of the Humanities

Ex-President, International Association of Forensic Linguists



Diana Eades www

"Linguistic Diversity in the Legal Process:

Challenges for the Delivery of Justice"


(written text)


   Thur 31 May 2007


In addition to the main public lecture, Dr. Eades delivered a related talk as part of

the Dept. of Language & Linguistics Seminar series, entitled


“The social consequences of courtroom talk”

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Contact: Prof. Peter L Patrick


Sponsored by the

Dept. of Language and Linguistics

School of Law

& the Human Rights Centre


Linguistic Human Rights: A Sociolinguistic Introduction (PL Patrick)