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Linguistic Human Rights:

A Sociolinguistic Introduction

 by Prof. Peter. L Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

University of Essex


Issues of language rights have become increasingly prominent in the last decade, and are often raised in the context of more general human rights. Linguists have become involved in this area via diverse pathways e.g., language endangerment, preservation and revitalization; language planning; forensic (=legal) linguistics; bilingual education and other school-centered language issues; action research with urban linguistic minorities; work with indigenous peoples, including land claims; refugee and asylum issues, and more.


This site reflects my own recent involvement in linguistic rights. I welcome involvement from many perspectives and hope you will send me messages of support and disagreement, materials, links, corrections, etc. Please send them to username patrickp at my email address



  Origins of this webpage

  Why Sociolinguistics and Human Rights?

  (What) Can Linguistics Contribute to Human Rights?

  Sociolinguistic typology and language rights

  Linguistic Perspectives on some Human Rights Issues

  English-Only Rules and Cases in the US Workplace

  Language analysis and national origin in refugee/asylum cases, including now updated at LARG

  Resolutions and publications List of endorsing organisations

  Syllabus for an introductory lecture on Language and Human Rights (HU901)

  Syllabus for a course on Language Rights (LG 474) running again in 2017

  The Annual Lecture on Language and Human Rights at Essex 14th annual lecture, 18 May 2017

  Credits and Contact Info


  Appendix:10 Sociolinguistic Axioms



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