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12 Mar             The Conversation             My article with Prof. Monika Schmid, The trouble with relying on how people speak to determine asylum cases

5 Mar                The Independent              I was quoted in an article on “Sprakab agency misled Home Office over checks on asylum-seekers

March               University of Essex           The impact of my research and applied work on LADO is highlighted in this profile, based on 2014 REF submissions

26 Jan               BBC Radio 4                       I appeared on a Word of Mouth episode entitled, “Are you really Somali? Using language to determine country of origin



12 Nov              Sveriges Television          I was interviewed on Uppdrag Granskning (‘Assignment: Investigate’), episode 12, about LADO [at 26:40 and 54:00]

13 Nov              The Independent              I was quoted in front page BTF story, “Hundreds of asylum seekers wrongly deported on drug smuggler’s evidence

13 Nov              The Independent              I was cited in editorial, “More unfit for purpose at the Home Office: Reliance on a fraudulent expert in asylum cases fits a pattern of worrying


17 Nov              Free Movement                 Refugee law blogSprakab and anonymous evidence” analyses the Supreme Court case SSHD v MN & KY [2014] UKSC30


13 June             Human Rights Centre     In a University of Essex HRC blog New Standard for Language Evidence in UK Asylum cases”, I examine the Supreme Court case below

28 May             The Independent              Article, “Hundreds of asylum seekers ‘wrongly deported’ after ‘inappropriate’ advice from Swedish linguistics firm” reports the Supreme Court case

27 May             LangSocLaw blog            Prof. Tim Grant’s forensic linguistics blog on Language, Society & Law reports on the Supreme Court case SSHD v MN & KY [2014] UKSC30

23 May             The Monocle                       I was interviewed on this live internet radio news show in alook at the role of Swedish linguists within the UK’s asylum system” [at 41:30 to 46:30]

22 May             The Herald Scotland       Article, “Hundreds of asylum cases set for appeal” reports the Supreme Court case on use of LADO (Language Analysis for Determination of Origin)

21 May             UK Supreme Court           The Court’s unanimous judgment and press summary in SSHD v MN & KY [2014] UKSC30, joined asylum cases for which I was linguistic consultant

to the Respondents’ legal team



2 Sept               GRAMnet blog                    Sarah Craig’s blog for Glasgow Refugee Asylum & Migration Network examines the legal context of LADO, including the Scottish appeals case

24 July              Free Movement                  I was cited in refugee law blogCourt of Session rules on linguistic analysis” by Joe Bryce, who argued M.Ab.N. & K.A.S.Y. v SSHD [2013] CSIH 68

12 July              Court of Session                Judgment by Scotland’s appeal court raised the bar for linguistic evidence in asylum cases. I was linguistic consultant to Appellants’ legal team

4 Apr                 Yle Radio Finland             I was interviewed on Finland’s public service broadcaster Yle (Swedish) in a reportSpråkexperter kritiserar tester asylsökandeabout LADO

11 Feb               BBC Essex News                I was interviewed live in a story about LADO (Language Analysis for Determination of Origin)



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