Ph.D. supervision


I have supervised Ph.D. students in various areas in which I have research or teaching interests. This means especially various areas of syntax, but also Relevance Theory. I am now semi-retired and therefore am not taking on any new PhD students. However, I am stillsupervising the following students:



Abeer Alsulami (Saudi Arabia) comparatives in Arabic


Unaisa Khir Eldeen (Syria) discourse connectives in Arabic



Until recently I was also supervising the following (now supervised by Doug Arnold):


Ahmad Alotaibi (Saudi Arabia) the copula in Arabic


Tagreed Al-Zahrani (Saudi Arabia) quantifiers in Arabic



The following students completed their PhDs under my supervision in recent years:


Nushour Al-Duaij (Kuwait) the second language acquisition of requests (jointly supervised with Beatriz de Paiva)


Mansour Alotaibi (Saudi Arabia) wh-questions in Arabic


Abdulrahman Alqurashi (Saudi Arabia) relative clauses and free relatives in Arabic


Issa Al-Qurashi (Saudi Arabia) Arabic noun phrases


Abdulrahman Althawab (Saudi Arabia) modality in Arabic


Mohamed Krer (Libya) Arabic negation


Saeed Saeed (Iraq) binomial expressions in Standard Arabic and English


Buthaina Shaheen (Syria) the second language acquisition of relative causes (jointly supervised with Roger Hawkins)



Dr Syntax making a discovery, by Thomas Rowlandson