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Recommended ways to remove your car parking sticker...

Collated: September 2003; updated October 2003

My original message to the small ads mailing list:

A seasonal request: I seem to remember this being asked on the small ads mailing list before, but does anyone have any suggestions for the most effective way to remove last year's parking permit from my car windscreen? I tried at the weekend and half of it came away before it broke, the rest is stuck to the screen, and even where it has come away it left the adhesive layer behind...

And (this is a rhetorical question and not intended to start a discussion): why do we have to have parking stickers that cause this problem every year?

The responses were interesting, with many people having wasted time at the weekend battling with old parking stickers. My rhetorical question remains. The official reason appears to be that people complained about previous stickers not having enough stick, but I still don't see why these things have to weld themselves to our windscreens when all the other stickers I have in my car manage to stick without over-sticking!

The responses and suggestions

If there was a prize for most interesting response, it would have to go to the peanut butter! (Arson works, but seems a bit drastic.)

To remove it, I'll probably use white spirit (not being a user of nail polish or peanut butter...). For next year I'm going to use that clear, sticky book-covering stuff: one layer to cover up the stickiness on the permit, and another, larger layer on the back to stick it to the screen. Seems a lot of trouble to go to...




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