Unique Doctoral Training Opportunity in Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE), Financial Network Modelling For Systemic Risk and Macro-Prudential Policy 

Designed by Professor Sheri Markose at the Economics Department of the University of Essex and starting in October 2013, this opportunity arises from the core modules of the new MSc Computational Economics, Financial Markets and Policy which offers a revolutionary and interdisciplinary study of macro-economics, financial markets and financial regulation. Recognizing the dearth of rigorous post graduate training in ACE and Complexity Economics within an Economics curriculum in the UK, the core modules of the new MSc have been opened up for attendance on an occasional student basis for post graduate students (currently pursuing PhDs, Masters or Post Docs) and practitioners at regulatory institutions. Note, ESRC DTC students get automatic access to this program, though registration is necessary.

The financial crisis and global recession have triggered a search for new perspectives to deal with highly interconnected, global financial and industrial organizations. The traditional Economics curriculum has proven to be behind the curve regarding 21st century developments. The four new core modules listed below push the boat out in these respects and provide a strong policy orientation with operational content.  This draws on the extensive ACE related macro-prudential financial network software, developed by Professor Markose and her colleagues, used by central banks and in projects on systemic risk analysis.   

 The core modules provide rigorous training in:

Duration: Autumn Term 2013 (7 October- 13 December); Spring Term (13 January 2014- 21 March 2014). To permit ease of attendance as an occasional student these modules are scheduled on two consecutive days (Monday/Tuesday) over the 10 weeks of instruction for each term.

Fees: The UK and Overseas fees schedule for Essex University Occasional Students can be found at  http://www.essex.ac.uk/fees/vst_rsh_next.aspx

Application/Registration and Contact: Application must be made using form obtained from Debbie Hall (dhall@essex.ac.uk, Phone : 01206-872647). For further information on the course content please contact Professor Sheri Markose (scher@essex.ac.uk, Tel. 01206-872742) or visit http://www.essex.ac.uk/coursefinder/course_details.aspx?course=MSC+N30612 .