Agent Based Simulation Models, Computational Policy and Market Design

Journal Articles

  Marginal contribution, reciprocity and equity in segregated groups: Bounded rationality and self-organization In Social networks
 Sheri Markose, Alan Kirman, Simone Giasante and Paolo Pin  
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control , Volume 31, Issue 6, June 2007, Pages 2085-2107.

  A smart market for passenger road transport (SMPRT) congestion: an application of computational mechanism design  Sheri Markose,
      Amadeo Alentorn*, Deddy Koesrindartoto*, Peter Allen*, Phil Blythe* and Sergio Grosso*
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control , Volume 31, Issue 6, June 2007, Pages 2001-2032 .

Weblink for ACE Simulators developed with Amadeo Alentorn

Smart Market for Congestion - Robustness Analysis - PPT - Simulator to study the auction design for a congestion charge model.



Working Papers

Designing large value payment systems: An agent-based approach
     Sheri Markose, Amadeo Alentorn, Millard Stephen, and Yang Jing
Most recent draft of paper   

Economics Department Discussion Paper No. 700, University of Essex, September 2011.

Presentation at the CCBS (Bank of England) at the Expert Forum: Payment System Architecture and Oversight: 31-Jan-2005 to 02-Feb-2005


Dynamic Learning, Herding and Guru Effects in Networks,
Sheri Markose, Amadeo Alentorn and Andreas Krause.
Economics Department Discussion Paper No. 582, University of Essex, September 2007.

      The Herding and Networks Simulator  Presentation (2007)
     The Herding and Networks Simulator was developed at CCFEA by Sheri Markose and Amadeo Alentorn.
  • Herding Simulator - an application to study herding, guru effects and star formations with dynamic learning on networks.