Working Papers

Optimal fiscal policy and sovereign debt crises (with P. Pichler).
Channels of firm adjustment: Theory and empirical evidence (with H. Breinlich).
Essex Discussion Paper
Inflation, investment composition and total factor productivity (with M. Evers and M. Schiffbauer).
Essex Discussion Paper

Work in Progress

Fiscal policy and default risk: The role of investor composition (with P. Pichler).
The market for capital adjustments (with T. Gall).
Banks, outside equity and macroeconomic fluctuations (with R. Meeks).


Collateral, liquidity and debt sustainability (with P. Pichler), accepted at Economic Journal.
Essex Discussion Paper
Updated Version 09/2015
Central bank independence and the monetary instrument problem (with P. Pichler and G. Sorger), International Economic Review 54 (2013) 1031-1055.
Supplementary Appendix
Public debt, discretionary policy, and inflation persistence (with P. Pichler and G. Sorger), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 37 (2013) 1097-1109.
Channels of size adjustment and firm performance, (with H. Breinlich and E. Solomon), Economics Letters 116 (2012) 202-206.
Dynamic monetary-fiscal interactions and the role of monetary conservatism, Journal of Monetary Economics 58 (2011) 234-247.
Optimal fiscal and monetary policies in the face of rare disasters (with P. Pichler), European Economic Review 55 (2011) 75-92.
Coordination of monetary and fiscal policies: A fresh look at the issue (with J. von Hagen), Swedish Economic Policy Review 15 (2008) 89-124.
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