Research interests

Current work in progress


  • Models of lexical relatedness based on the notions of Generalized Paradigm Function Morphology - the principal source is the book Lexical Relatedness: A Paradigm-Based Approach, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.

  • The stem concept: I am exploring the notion of morphomic stem in inflection and derivation.

  • Lexical categories and lexical representations: the case of adjective-noun hybrids and the expression of possession and attributive modification (jointly with  Irina Nikolaeva, SOAS)

  • The nature of periphrasis. (Jointly with Gergana Popova, Goldsmiths)

For information about recent and forthcoming publications as well as downloadable copies see my page

Alternatively, consult my publications page in the University of Essex Institutional Repository.

Older projects:

Verb semantics in Slavic argument structure and nominalizations

Chukchee grammar page



Verb semantics in Slavic argument structure and nominalizations


In 1998 I completed a three-year project funded by the ESRC (Project Reference R000236115) with Marina Zaretskaya. We have built up a database of Russian verbs, their argument structure properties and various aspects of their lexical semantics, loosely based on the work of Jackendoff, Levin and Rappaport Hovav, C. Smith, and especially the work of E. V. Paducheva and her collaborators in Moscow. (This project followed up a one-year ESRC-funded project with Louisa Sadler).

A short guide to the Russian database: [Word2000 version].

The full description of the original database can be found here [Word2000], [PostScript], [PostScript zipped]

This is also available in hard copy as Essex Research Reports in Linguistics 25.

This work has also formed the basis of a three year INTAS funded project (1997 – 2000), collaborating with Moscow colleagues who are developing a similar database (Leksikograf).

The research relates to a wider interest in the theory of argument structure. See: ‘Argument structure and morphology’ [With Louisa Sadler]

See the following papers:

  • ‘Verb Prefixation in Russian as lexical subordination’ [With Marina Zaretskaya]

·         Pri-prefixation in Russian’ [With Marina Zaretskaya]

  • ‘Investigating argument structure: The Russian nominalization database’ [With Andrew Bredenkamp, Louisa Sadler]
  • ‘A morphomic account of a syncretism in Russian’ [With Louisa Sadler and Marina Zaretskaya]


  • ‘Psychological predicates in Polish: Event Participants, Nominalizations and Mapping’. With Bozena Rozwadowska. In Zybatow et al., 2001.

Other work on Slavic

  • ‘Periphrastic paradigms in Bulgarian’. In Uwe Junghanns & Luka Szucsich (eds.) Syntactic Structures and Morphological Information. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 249—282, 2003.
  • ‘Gender as an inflectional category’. Journal of Linguistics 38: 279—312, 2002.

·        ‘The Word and Paradigm approach to morphosyntax’, Transactions of the Philological Society, 2001.

·        ‘Verbal clitics in Bulgarian - a Paradigm Function approach’. In Gerlach and Grijzenhout, 2000.

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Languages of the Former Soviet Union


Click here for a grammatical sketch of Chukchee (based on Skorik's two volume grammar).

My main languages of interest outside Slavic are those of the Chukotkan group (Chukchee-Kamchadal), especially Chukchee. Papers which discuss material from this language group are:

    • Chukchee and Polysynthesis’
    • ‘Comments on paper by Borer’
    • ‘Incorporation in Chukchi’
    • ‘Agreement morphology in Chukotkan’

Brief remarks relating to Archi (Dagestanian) can be found in: ‘Inflectional morphology and functional heads’

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