Drawing on the success of the first London Mentalism Meeting, the participants have decided to hold another meeting! 

Tabula Mentis: London Mentalism Meeting II

27 October 2007

10am until ????

7 Mallow Street

London EC1Y 8RQ

Attention: The Event is Now Fully Booked!

Image courtesy of Phill Smith of Sushi Design


This meeting has the following key features:


More space (1500 square feet)

More time (no curfew as it is a private venue)

Room for food and beer!  

The venue is close to the fasionable Hoxton Square and 10 minutes from Liverpool Street!

More structure to the day…

This is a call for all mentalists who would like to contribute in some way. In particular, we would like:

Stage and corporate mentalists to present material on performing mentalism for large audiences

Close-up mentalists

One-on-one performers who combine mechanical magick with a good story

Bizarrists and storytellers that combine magick and mentalism

Readers and ‘naked’ mentalists

Scholars, mavens, and tradespeople

The fee for this round is £10.00 to cover food, drink, and overheads.

To register for the meeting, please paypal £10.00 to todd@essex.ac.uk


Find out more about the new British Society of Mystery Entertainers


The previous event:

London Mentalism Meeting:

An Informal Gathering of Mentalists and Mystery Entertainers

July 7, 2007 noon until 5pm

at Treadwell's Bookshop

Click HERE for a poster of the event

Click HERE for a full report (with pictures) of the 7-7-7 event!





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