Wayne M. Martin

School of Philosophy and Art History

University of Essex









Achieving CRPD Compliance

Text of a report submitted by the Essex Autonomy Project

to the UK Ministry of Justice

(lead author)



The Essex Autonomy Project

 The Art and Humanities Research Council

(Principal Investigator)



Modern European Philosophy

Cambridge University Press

(Series Editor)



Theories of Judgment

Psychology, Logic, Phenomenology

CUP, 2006, 2008



Idealism and Objectivity

Understanding Fichte’s Jena Project

SUP, 1997








Review of Breazeale

Review of Dan Breazeale’s book,

Thinking Through the Wissenschaftslehre (Oxford, 2008)

in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews



Antinomies of Autonomy

German Idealism and English Mental Health Law

in the International Yearbook for German Idealism



Mental Capacity and the Applied Phenomenology of Judgement

in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences



Hegel and the Philosophy of Food

Review of Pippin’s Hegel’s Practical Philosophy

in The Journal of Moral Philosophy




Near-final draft of paper delivered to The Aristotelian Society



The Judgment of Adam

in Art and Phenomenology (Routledge)



Positive and Negative Logic

contribution to the CRASSH workshop:

Must Criticism be Constructive?



Conscience and Confession in Rousseau’s Naturalistic Moral Psychology

Draft of a paper presented at the

Workshop on Naturalism in Modern Philosophy

at the University of South Carolina



Stoic Self-Consciousness



Fichte’s Legacy in Logic

This article is now published in

Waibel et. al. (eds), Fichte and the Phenomenological Tradition

(Berlin:  de Gruyter, 2010).

The version posted here is penultimate author draft.



Inverse Psychologism in the Theory of Judgment

Reading text of reply to critics at the

APA Author-Meets-Critics Session on Theories of Judgment

San Francisco; April, 2007



From Kant to Fichte

contribution to the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Fichte

(Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, in press)

pdf download



Fichte’s Transcendental Phenomenology of Agency

Fichtes transzendentale Phänomenologie der Tätigkeit

forthcoming in J.-Ch. Merle and A. Schmidt (eds.), Fichte: System der Sittenlehre; (Berlin: Akademie, 2006)

pdf download in English or German



Transcendental Philosophy and Atheism


This is a revised version of a paper read at the TPN Fichte workshop,

now in print in The European Journal of Philosophy

Information about the TPN Research Project can be found




Hermeneutic Conditions and Phenomenological Necessity

pdf download

This is the first draft of a paper read at the TPN workshop

on Phenomenology.  A later version of this paper appeared in the

Cambridge Companion to Being and Time.

Information about the TPN Research Project can be found





other …



In Defense of Bad Infinity

pdf download

this is the penultimate draft of a paper I presented at the

2006 meetings of the Hegel Society (Oxford).   The final version in now in print.

The Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain 55/56 (2007), 168-187

Information about the Bulletin here



Descartes and the Phenomenological Tradition

pdf download

this is the penultimate draft of my paper in

Broughton and Carriero (eds.)

The Blackwell Companion to Descartes (Oxford: Blackwell, 2008).

The final version is now in print.

Information from the publisher here.



Review of Smith

Review of David Woodruff Smith’s new book,

Husserl (Routledge, 2007)

in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews



Review of Neuhouser

Review of Fred Neuhouser’s book,

Rousseau’s Theodicy of Self-Love (Oxford, 2008)

in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews



Bubbles and Skulls

this is the penultimate pdf text-only version of a paper

on Phenomenology in Dutch Still Life paintings.  The final

version is now in print in Wrathall and Dreyfus (eds.):

The Blackwell Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism

(Oxford: Blackwell, 2006).

Information from the publisher here.








Reinhold’s Letter on Freedom

Part I

Part II