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Ten Lectures on Fichte



Jilin University

Changchun, China



This webpage temporarily provides access to selected readings

and other materials that are relevant to the lectures. 





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English translation of the “Deduction of Religion in General”

(part of Attempt at a Critique of all Revelation, 1792/3)

is available here.

cleaner copy (with different pagination) is available here.



English translation of the opening three sections of the

1794/95 Wissenschaftslehre

is available here. 



Posted 1 Aug., 2012

English translation of the Introduction to the

1798 System of Ethics (Sittenlehre)

is available here.

and my (unpublished) commentary on that Introduction

is available here.



Posted 1 Aug., 2012

It now looks as if I will not have time to deliver the

lecture I had planned on Fichte’s revolution in logic.

Accordingly, I am posting the text of an article of mine



Please note that the version of this article posted here is

my penultimate draft.   The final version of this article

is now published in:

Waibel et. al. (eds), Fichte and the Phenomenological Tradition

(Berlin:  de Gruyter, 2010)




Posted 4 Aug., 2012


I have mentioned to some in the reading group a

book by Günter Zöller on Fichte’s Transcendental Philosophy.

Zöller rejects the claim that Fichte asserts the primacy of practice,

insisting instead on an “original duplicity of intelligence and will.”

As promised, I am posting my review for those who

may be interested.   This copy is marked as “forthcoming,” but in

fact the review came out in the Owl of Minerva years ago.  For the reference,

see my cv, which is posted on my homepage.   Text of the review is