First Writing Assignment




Read the first set of readings, taken from HegelŐs Science of Logic.




Write a short essay, approximately 2,000 words, on the following topic:





What is bad infinity, and what, according to Hegel, is bad about it? 






Submission:  Essays should be submitted both in electronic and in paper format.  The electronic version should be saved in either Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) format and sent as an email attachment to <wmartin[at]>.  Electronic versions must be submitted no later that 9pm on Sunday, 14 October.  Hardcopy printouts should be submitted no later than the beginning of the workshop session on Monday 15 October.  They can be left under the door of 5B-120, or submitted in person at the beginning of the workshop session.



Guidelines:  Essays should be typed and double spaced and should include all the usual trappings of an essay:  title, page-numbers, some kind of citation-apparatus (any clear and consistent style is acceptable).  A premium is placed on clear and precise style and critical analytical writing.  Remember that the aim is to write about Hegel, not to write like Hegel!




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